Welcome! I’m a Brit located in Viborg, Denmark, graduated with a BA in Character Animation from The Animation Workshop. I specialize in 2D and 3D character animation, as well as illustration and character design. I have also several years' education and experience working academically and commercially in the field of psychoacoustics and audiology. 


Dec 2012 :: Assistant Teacher, Intro to TVPaint, The Animation Workshop
   - Assisting first year BA students learning this 2D animation software.

Nov 2012 :: Assistant Teacher, Attitude Walk, The Animation Workshop

   - Assisting first year BA students animating an attitude walk in 2D.

Oct 2012 :: 2D Animator, TVPaint, 'Shrug Island' game dir. Alina Constantin
   - Animating a 2D avatar for an iPad interactive game.

Sept 2012 :: Co-Teacher, Animation Basics, The Animation Workshop
   - Three weeks teaching the first year BA students the very basics of 2D animation.

Aug 2012 :: 2D Animator, TVPaint, 'Bad Rain' music video for Slash, dir. Christian De Vita
   - Full character animation for a narrative-based music video, working remote.

July 2012 :: Prop-builder, Carte Blanche Theatre, 'Between Us'

   - Designing and building props and portable sets.

June 2012 :: 2D Animator, TVPaint, 'Love & Vehicles' dir. Draško Ivezić   

   - Animating walk cycles and a tango sequence for a short film 

Spring 2012 :: Puppet and prop-builder, compositor, stop-motion animator, Tin Drum Animation, Viborg,  'Hollow Land' dir. Uri and Michal Kranot

   - Part of a team producing a two-and-a-half D art film at The Open Workshop. 

Autumn 2011 :: Intern, Tin Drum Animation, Viborg, 'Hollow Land' dir. Uri and Michal Kranot

2010 - 2011 :: 2D Animator, TVPaint, Production Designer, Character Design Lead, Bachelor film 'Væsen' dir. Adrian Dexter

   - Our final year project, from story idea to finished film in 8 months. 

Autumn 2010 :: 2D Animator, TVPaint, Danish Film School midway film 'Hamburg via Nykøbing Falster' dir. Carina Randløv
   - Working as part of a larger production team, finishing a 7-minute film in 2 months.

Spring 2010 :: Lead 3D Animator, DADIU game production 'Plankton'
   - Creating animations of underwater creatures, liasing with art direction, programmers and designers. 

2009 - 2010 :: Festival Distribution Secretary, The Animation Workshop, Denmark
  - Distributing films produced at the school to festivals world-wide. 

2006 - 2007 :: Technical Audiologist, Oticon a/s
   - Developing, hearing aid prototyping systems, implementing gain algorithms in Matlab, specifying testing and writing help content for fitting software. 

2002 - 2006 :: Research Assistant, Bang & Olufsen a/s and Aalborg University
  - Research areas: sound quality and sound perception. Tasks: developing, programming and carrying out listening tests, writing journal articles, presenting research at conferences. 

2000 - 2001 :: Trainee Acoustic Engineer, Acoustics Department, Bang & Olufsen a/s, Struer

  - Developing and implementing audio DSP algorithms in Matlab, acoustic measurement. 


2012 :: BA Character Animation, The Animation Workshop, Denmark

2008 :: The Drawing Academy, Denmark

2006 :: MSc. E.E. Acoustics, Aalborg University, Denmark

2002 :: B.Eng (Hons) Electroacoustics, Salford University, UK


2D animation - TVPaint, Flash, AfterEffects, paper

3D animation - Autodesk Maya

Illustration - Photoshop, mixed media

Other - Premiere Pro, Matlab, Labview, LaTeX, beginner PHP, Max/MSP


English (native)

Danish (fluent - studieprøve)


jody.ghani (at) gmail (dot) com

+45 61672042

All works here are copyright © 2007-2013 Jody Ghani. All rights reserved.